Individuals with print disabilities may have a variety of challenges interacting with the visual world around them. Depending on their level of sight impairment, impaired vision can be life changing for people of all ages. Adam Spencer has worked with countless individuals with print disabilities to understand the unique challenges when trying to read and interact with digital content.

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision refers to an individual with less than average eyesight. Low vision can sometimes be described as print disability if it is severe. Blindness is a more severe form of visual print disability and results in the loss of almost…

The internet can create a level playing field. By granting access to information for millions of people, the web is a major tool in personal and professional life. Adam Spencer, the Founder of AbleDocs, is transforming how individuals with print disabilities access information daily.

What Is Document Accessibility?

Online content works best when it is accessible to all. Individuals who have low vision or print disabilities can have difficulties with certain forms of inaccessible content. …

The internet is full of visually stimulating content. Everything ranging from photographs to color-complimented logos can subliminally attract or repel a user. While much of marketing focuses on the visual imagery shown throughout the web, Adam Spencer concentrates on inclusivity.

Visualizing the Internet

Adam Spencer is the Founder of AbleDocs, an international company that is dedicated to document accessibility so that individuals with print disabilities can read and interact with all content within a document independently and comprehensively.

What is considered readable now may be vastly different than five or ten years ago. On the web, readability is not necessarily about the written…

Inclusivity in all realms is becoming increasingly important, but especially so as it pertains to the internet, as the internet is something that nearly everyone uses. That is why there has been a growing call among companies and even governments all over the world to make ADA compliance a legal requirement, especially as it pertains to online documents and websites.

Adam Spencer is the CEO of AbleDocs, a company that is leading the industry in the creation of document accessibility for people with disabilities. Spencer and his company are based in Oakville, Ontario, and are dedicated to making the internet…

There’s a reason that people gravitate towards certain document types, such as PDF and Microsoft Word. For the majority of society, they are the most convenient file types. They are quick to produce, easy to print from, and simple to upload to websites or other platforms. However, the PDF or Word document in its most basic form aren’t quite as accessible as we think. This lack of accessibility is what has caused some backlash against these file types in recent years. They often are not AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, which…

Navigating a website, reviewing a document, and watching videos online may seem like mundane tasks to most. However, for those with visual impairments, consuming digital information is not always easy. In fact, a person using a screen reader to consume digital information may find it nearly impossible to do so if the content does not utilize accessibility tools. With the help of technology, anyone can create documents, websites, and videos that are accessible. With access to accessibility tools in this digital age, individuals and businesses alike should focus on optimizing their content so that it is accessible to all users.

In order to be successful, organizations must be inclusive. Most commonly, this includes providing products and services that satisfy various tastes and requirements. However, with technology prevalent in the lives of consumers around the world, it’s also important that businesses consider how the digital content they publish is consumed. From their website to online articles, digital advertisements to videos, companies should ensure that their content is optimized for accessibility. Doing so will allow them to reach all of their customers and to grow their business.

Adam Spencer of Oakville, Ontario, is an advocate for inclusivity, focusing his efforts on document…

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer from Oakville, Ontario, is the CEO and Founder of Able Docs. AbleDocs specializes in document and electronic accessibility.

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