Adam Spencer Shares How You Can Become a Disability Advocate in Canada

The number of people who have a disability in Canada is growing every year and comprises 22 percent of the total Canadian population. Therefore, it is crucial to be an advocate for accessibility rights so that everyone has the same opportunity to access the world around us.

Based out of Oakville, Ontario, Adam Spencer, the President (GLOBAL) of AbleDocs, has made it his life’s work to ensure a person’s ability to independently manage their own online affairs. Without accessibility focused organizations like AbleDocs, it is possible that those with print disabilities would not be able to fully access essential online documents that allow them to sign up for government programs and vaccines, access their banking and medical records, and connect with friends and family.

Adam Spencer explains how everyone can become advocates for accessibility and the changes that every online information provider can make to ensure their documents and forms are fully accessible to every visitor.

Family embracing a man with down syndrome and smiling to each other.
Adam Spencer From Oakville, Ontario, Discusses Disability Advocacy

The History of Advocacy for People with Disabilities in Canada

By the 1970s, disability advocacy was being framed as a battle for human rights. Understanding how human rights are affected by the presence of disabilities became necessary for many members of society in the 1970s and 1980s.

Causes that Advocates Can Champion

Accessibility of Transportation

Accessibility of Internet Services

Accessibility of Healthcare

Immigration Measures

How to Advocate for People with Disabilities

Two women having a conversation over a laptop. One of them is in a wheelchair.
Two women having a conversation over a laptop. One of them is in a wheelchair.
Adam Spencer From Oakville, Ontario, Explains How To Be An Advocate

Some of the organizations that would-be advocates can join include the CNIB Foundation, Council of Canadians with Disabilities, Ontario’s Citizens with Disabilities, Disability Alliance BC, the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities, and Quebec’s COPHAN.

These organizations welcome donations and grassroots help from Canadian citizens and other interested parties. When disability advocates from all communities band together, they will be better able to solve the social and regulatory problems plaguing those with disabilities throughout Canada.


The Importance of Disability Advocacy

Two of the most pressing concerns today are the inequality of transportation options and the lack of access to digital content. Spencer encourages all would-be disability advocates to thoroughly research the issues at hand and make sure that they follow their passion and do the work that needs to be done.

AbleDocs will continue to help those with print disabilities access documents and fill out forms so that they can be independent users of the Internet. Adam Spencer will continue to broaden the reach of AbleDocs and its offerings to make the digital world more accessible to all those with disabilities.

Adam Spencer from Oakville, Ontario, is the CEO and Founder of Able Docs. AbleDocs specializes in document and electronic accessibility.

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