How Adam Spencer Helps Documents Meet Accessibility Requirements

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision refers to an individual with less than average eyesight. Low vision can sometimes be described as print disability if it is severe. Blindness is a more severe form of visual print disability and results in the loss of almost all or complete vision. Depending on the level of impairment, some vision loss may affect how certain forms of light or color are seen. Other vision impairments can affect how far away objects appear.

A man holding up a paid of glasses to show a Snellen chart in the background
Adam Spencer from Oakville, Ontario, on Low Vision

Low vision can impact:

● depth perception

Online Accessibility Rights

The 1977 Canadian Human Rights Act fights to remove barriers for anyone, including those to information and documents on websites. By making websites and their documents accessible to people with print disabilities, all content can be consumed by any user. The Standard on Web Accessibility details specific information about online content.

Who must comply with these guidelines?

● private businesses

Online Businesses

A woman holding a credit card as she looks at a laptop
Adam Spencer from Oakville, Ontario, on Online Businesses

The Necessity of Online Document Accessibility

All people with print disabilities have difficulty with basic online interactions. Document accessibility can make a variety of content easier to consume. Images, text, and links can all be optimized for maximum consumption by all users. Using a correct heading tag is one way to make words more readable.

How to Include Everyone

There are several methods to optimizing online content. Document accessibility can help individuals with print disabilities accurately interpret what a site is trying to convey. Both the organization and the site users can benefit from inclusive accessibility. For those who do not have a print disability, there is the added benefit of responsive design on both desktop and mobile devices. For people with print disabilities, an accessible document or website will increase the ability to review important information and make purchases.



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Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer


Adam Spencer from Oakville, Ontario, is the CEO and Founder of Able Docs. AbleDocs specializes in document and electronic accessibility.